Chore Calendar

Responsibility: a trait all parents wish their children inherited naturally. Excite children to complete their responsibilities by creating a colour coordinated chore chart. Coordinate colours by task and child to make a visual masterpiece everyone can share.

With Paper Mate InkJoy Gel’s fast drying ink and vibrant colours, tasks are easily understood and fun to check off quick once complete! Here are a few examples for how you can organize your chart calendar.

Option 1: Organize by Location

One way to organize your chore calendar is to use the variety of Paper Mate® colours to colour code your chore calendar by location. Choose different colours for all of the tasks assigned in the kitchen, living room and bedroom!

Option 2: Organize by Responsibility

Another way to organize your list is by who is assigned to each chore! Assign each of your children a colour so they understand their chore responsibilities. Let them pick their favourite colours for you to write the chores in!

Option 3: Organize by Day

The final option we’re suggesting is to implement organization by the days of the week each chore is completed. Each day could use a different Paper Mate InkJoy Gel pen colour, chosen by your children! This way they will be less likely to forget when each chore must be completed!

Have any creative ways to organize your chore calendar? Tag us with #PaperMate and inspire others with your creation!