Illustrate Your Roots with a Family Tree

Curious about where your ancestors came from? 

Create a family tree to explore your heritage and get to know your ancestors

Transform the classic family tree chart into a work of art. 

Display your lineage in a colourful, interesting way and make it memorable! 

Learn about your roots by talking to family members about their history. Call up relatives and ask them about their experiences with family as a child. 

Ask them what memories stand out or their favorite family story. Make your tree unique to your family’s history and get creative!

Start your design by collecting supplies. 

Grab your favorite Paper Mate Flair Pen, a large piece of paper and any other materials you’d like to use to make your tree distinctive. 

Match a relative’s leaf colour to match their home country’s flag, or write out their name like their signature. Doodle favorite icons of hobbies next to family names, like a cake to represent baking, or a first baseman’s mitt for baseball. Find photos of your relatives and draw a cartoon version to represent them. Make this family tree unique to your family. Unlike anyone else’s.

Utilize a wide array of colours to make your tree stand out. 

Preserve your memories behind a glass frame, so you are assured they will last a lifetime. But take a photo before you frame it for posting to social media. Everyone in your family will want a copy. 

Have any tips of your own for making this family tree project better? 

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