Letter to Your Childhood Hero

It is easy to take people and things for granted in the busy world we live in today. Brighten your childhood hero’s day by taking the time to write them a letter of gratitude. Using Paper Mate® InkJoy®Gel pens and the joyful colours they offer, reminisce on your favorite memories together and define the positive impact they have had on your life.

Pick Your Hero

Was there someone in your childhood that you remember looking up to the most? If you can reach out to them, do so! They’ll appreciate receiving a hand-written letter from you!

Choose Something to Write About

We recommend starting with how you’ve been doing since you’ve last seen them. Then, you could tell them how grateful you are for the impact they had on who you are today. Finish your letter with a few of your favorite memories and a promise to reconnect soon if you can!


Show off your creativity by decorating the letter, inside and out. Draw some colourful, fun icons and surprise your hero!

Have you written a letter to your childhood hero? Share with us at #PaperMate!