Organize Your Notes

Organize your notes from the year to prepare for finals and the end of the semester. Letter your folders with beautiful fonts, set up dividers in your books and throw out the extra papers you don’t need.

Need ideas to help get started? We’ve got you covered!

Tip #1: Toss Out the Old, Keep the New

Declutter! Look through your old notes, papers, etc., and decide what will be useful next year and what won’t. Make space for new papers and notes by tossing out the nonessentials!

Tip #2: Label your Folders

Another great way to get organized is to label your folders by subject. If you have folders labeled by class, you’ll be mentally prepared to dive right in to studying for finals!

Tip #3: Add Dividers

If folders aren’t your thing and you keep things organized another way, try adding dividers and label them! Using the  Paper Mate Flair pens, you can label the dividers in different colours!

Tip #4: Have fun with it!

Getting organized can be fun! Doodle on your folders or dividers to add some colour to them and get you excited for the next semester!

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