Recipe Cards: A DIY Project to Spice Up Your Favourite Family Dishes

Every family has recipes and traditions they hold near and dear. Why not immortalize these traditions and special moments by creating recipe cards to pass down from generation to generation?

Take turns decorating your favourite recipes with Paper Mate InkJoy® Gel pens.

It’s a personal touch that goes beyond simple handwriting.

Keep grandma’s casserole or your great-aunt’s mouth-watering homemade blueberry cobbler in your family’s hearts forever with this exciting activity you can do any day!

Here are just a few of the things you can add to really personalize each card:

Add fun borders
After choosing a recipe, it’s time to decorate. Create a chocolate chip cookie border for that special batch of cookie treats. Draw Christmas trees on that recipe for homemade egg nog. Show your creative side and have fun doing it.

Organize by meal type, holiday, or creator
Organization is a must. Make it easy for that recipe card to be found. So write all of grandma’s recipes in her favourite colour—with the InkJoy® Gel pens she has 14 different options to choose from.

This is key to ensure that the recipe cards do not get damaged and last long enough to be passed down from generation to generation.

Think Archival
What better way to store and organize your recipes than by keeping them in a recipe box? Decorate and personalize yours with things that are special to you and your family. Consider spending a little extra on an acid-free container. A great gift-giving opportunity as well that will spur someone else to consider their heritage as well.

Old & New
If you have old copies of recipes, consider laminating them as well, storing them next to their newer counterparts.

Do you have any favourite family recipes you would like to share?

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