Share Your Summer Adventure

Spending time on vacation allows you to unwind and spend quality time with those closest to you. Your friends and family back at home are no doubt looking at photos you’ve posted online. But those photos don’t tell the whole story.

Instead, share what you’ve been up to in a personal and memorable way: With a handwritten postcard! 

Social posts take less than a minute and everyone gets to see them. Even a personal text is fleeting. 

But a heartfelt postcard stands out. Taking time to select a card, write a message, add an address and stamp, and put it in the mailbox says volumes. In a time when everything is instant, this is one instance where the thought does count. 

What to say? There are endless fun things you can write about on your postcard to express your creativity and keep your friends and family hopeful for more. 

Here are a few ideas to get you started: 

  • Talk about your favorite experiences on the trip 
  • Make your postcard a learning experience by sharing interesting facts about the location 
  • Attach a local recipe that they can save and make anytime 
  • Personalize your card with photos from the trip 
  • Create a secret message: Send multiple postcards with a word at the bottom to unscramble once all your cards are received 
  • Draw a picture to bring your thoughts to life 
  • Postcards allow you to capture a whole location or trip in just a few words and a photo. 
  • Having the right pen will ensure that your writing is bold and easy to read for your loved ones. 
  • The Paper Mate® Profile® seamlessly writes bold lines so you can boldly share your adventures. A handwritten postcard makes a perfect, one-of-a-kind souvenir, so make sure to send your thoughts back home on your next trip! 

Share your adventures with #PaperMate