Study Tips for Finals

Finals are approaching. Whether it’s memorizing the human anatomy or decoding a literary work, finals can be a very busy time. Use Paper Mate® to rewrite your notes and make study guides to help you succeed! Need help getting started? Check out our tips below!

Colour Code 

A great way to learn course material is to reorganize and summarize your notes by colour coding the most important details. Here’s an example to get you started using the Paper Mate® InkJoy® 100 ST ballpoint pens!

For example, use magenta to title the chapters, blue to rewrite all key terms and definitions and orange to capture important facts. The possibilities are endless!

Bullet Journal 

Bullet journaling is a useful way to study and prepare for finals. Customize fonts and borders for each topic to mentally instill the themes. Summarize the key facts below each topic to mind map the key details. Try bullet journaling to review and summarize the material more effectively!

Rewrite Your Notes 

Rewriting your notes is a simple and effective technique to improve your memory retention for some of the more challenging subjects you’re working on. This time, though, review your first set of notes and then revise them to focus on the most important facts of the topic you’re studying. 

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