Summer Prep: List Making Made Easy

The weather is warming and your summer break list is coming along nicely:

Bathing suits ✔

Road trip plans ✔

Beach reservations ✔

Hang new hammock ✔

After all, summer is about having fun. Nevertheless, before you can make it to summer, you must first make it through May. Be it school or work stresses, you have to keep your eye on the prize. The following tips can help you compile a to-do list to make it down the homestretch.

What are the dos?

Grab a Paper Mate InkJoy Gel Pen and some paper – you have to start somewhere. Brainstorm all that needs to be done before the summer break. Make sure to focus on quality, not quantity - and be strategic. Do your best not to get caught up with tasks you’re going to do anyway.

Prioritize and Organize

Once you have a workable list, move on to prioritizing and organizing it. Use different colour Paper Mate InkJoy Gel Pens to denote priority items or to sort to-dos into categories. Take the time to order the items by difficulty, importance, or deadline. Certain challenging tasks may take days to complete. Those deserve their own category! Group smaller tasks and commit to completing them in a sequence (daily or weekly).

Post It - and Do It

Half the battle with to-do lists is doing them. If you shove your list in a drawer or leave it in a notebook, you will never get anything accomplished. Set a goal of completion and hold yourself accountable. Stay productive. Checking things off the list provides a sense of accomplishment – and gets you a step closer to summer!